Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weight loss product - Apidexin

Talking about losing weight from my previous post, here is another one that may be a good news to anyone who wants to lose weight like me. I found a little bit of time today and saw a website that sells apidexin. Sure, there are lots of fat burners like this one but their headline caught my attention. It says, "Lose 400% or More Weight?". I know it it sounded too good to be true, but just like what I'm always saying, some products may work for you and not for me, it all depends on our body. So, I'm sharing each weight loss product that I see online for anyone to be aware of it. But still doing research about a product before buying it first is always a great idea. Good luck!

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Dieting? Ummm... NO!

How's anyone who's trying to lose weight like me? If you ask me back, I'd say, I' not getting any progress at all. Why? Because I lost the perseverance. Since I got a new full-time job, my lifestyle had changed too. I don't have time to exercise and I don't think about what to eat since my schedule is tight. But believe it or not, I'm still trying my best. Right now, I'm still trying to adjust with the changes of everything. Don't worry, as soon as I get the chance, I'll update you about some weight loss diet that will work for me. For now, I shall say "good luck to all of us!" *wink*.

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Perfect cigar, as they say

Do you like to smoke? If you do, you will gonna like what I found online today, Avo cigars. I don't smoke but my father, father-in-law, brother, and some friends who does.

If you visit the website, you will see reviews from people who tried Avo and most of them liked it. Some even described it as a perfect cigar. There must be something really about this cigar, that's why people loved it. If you wanna know, try it.

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Make more floor space

I was browsing earlier for interior designs coz I'm already planning on how we would redecorate our home, first the living room. Then I found out how wall or ceiling mounts can add more floor space which is perfect for our living home coz it's not big at all. Most houses I've seen now uses mounts for their TV and even offices. So maybe I'd do that to our house too. That way my son can have more space to run around, plus we won't need to worry about him playing with the TV or any other appliances that will be mounted.

If you have a small space in your home and want to make use of the space, try using mounts.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Need to drive

I got a new job which means that I'm dealing with a lot of changes in my life which I kinda like. One change that I'm dealing with right now is driving. I never had driving experience. I never really wanted to drive coz I don't think I'd be able to know how until I decided that I need to full time job which means I need to drive myself to and from work.

Right now, I'm still learning how to drive and hopefully this month or next month, I'd be able to have a driver's license and own car. Also, I'm trying to search for an auto insurance that works for me, pricewise. Good thing that we can easily get an auto insurance quote and compare which auto insurance companies has the best offer based on your own needs.

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From carpet to tiles

Having a carpeted home is really nice, most especially if you have little kid around. But I don't like it when the bathroom is carpeted too. At first, I thought it's nice but later on, I realized that it's very hard to clean and some parts can't even be cleaned. So, I decided that I wanted to replace our bathroom floor with glass tiles from carpet. Just in the master's bathroom though coz my son rarely go in there to take a shower or bath coz he has his own bathroom. At least, with tiled floor, I know I can clean it.

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He's sick and I wasn't there

My son is sick.

Yesterday, while I was at work, I received a voice mail message from my son's school director saying that my son has a fever and his temperature was 101.5°F. I panicked coz it would be the first time that my son is sick and I'm not there for him. So I called my husband and was a little bit relied to know that he picked Abi up, then called his work to let them know that he won't be able to go in until I'm off from work. I was already ready to leave work and go home coz I know somebody needs to take care of my baby. But my husband picked me up right at 5 o'clock, after work, which made me feel better coz finally I was able to take care of Abi.

Today, he's feeling better. His temperature went down to 97.4°F the last I checked it this afternoon. He's playing and eating a little bit better now too. That's why I was able to blog and so other stuff around the house that I can only during my off. Right now, aside from blogging, I am also searching for spring plungers online coz my husband needed it in his tools.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Terrific Three

Today is my son's 3rd birthday, which means, 1st year anniversary of this blog too!

Anyway, though today's his birthday, we had to move the celebration this coming Sunday so that everyone can attend. But my son didn't mind it as long as he got what he wanted for his Birthday, a fish.

He always love fishes. My parents-in-law had all sorts of books and toys in their house for the grandkids, but my son always wants the fishes more than anything else. He wants to read the Hooray for Fish book by Lucy Cousins all the time. His Grandpa also gave him some artificial fish lures for him to play with. He always keep them in a container and remembers where they're exactly at everytime. So I already decided, before he even asked for it, that I'm gonna buy him a fish for a beginner like him. But when I asked him couple of days before his birthday what he wanted for his birthday, he said fish.

So, today we went to PetSmart and got him a Betta fish. We asked for PetSmart associate for advise, since me and my husband doesn't have enough knowledge about fishes, about what fish is good for him to have as a pet and she recommended the Betta fish. The thing is, a male Betta fish can't live with another Betta coz they'll gonna kill each other unless a female Betta is ready to reproduce. So, we got him just one male Betta fish.

He got to name his fish and after about an hour trying to decide, he finally decided to name his first pet "Spotty". The fish isn't spotty though but I guess he got the idea from his daddy coz his daddy's first dog's name was Spot. He just made daddy so proud.

Aside from Spotty, we also got him couple more gifts which I'd be posting later together with all the other gifts he got. For now, I need to end this post and spend more time with my terrific three on his very special day.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bus stop

Yesterday, we went bus riding around downtown Austin [click here to see the post]. We took a long route from the bus stop nearest to our house to my soon-to-be workplace. Then from there to my mother-in-law's office. It was eye-opening and exhausting trip.

The picture above was Abi having fun feeding the pigeons while we were at the bus stop waiting for Bus #19 going to my mother-in-law's office. It was his first time seeing a lot of birds that close to him. And the pigeons were not even afraid of people. It seems that they're already used being around with people. As soon as my son threw crumbs of biscuit, the pigeons immediately got their share of crumbs.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

I have a preschooler now

We just got back from visiting La Petite Academy for a tour at their school coz that's where we're planning to enroll Abi. And after this post, I'm gonna be filling up the paper works coz me and my husband, and of course, Abi, decided that we like their school. I'm just so excited that's why I made this post first.

To say that I'm surprise with my son's interrelationship skill is an understatement. He's a friendly kid and like what one of the teachers said while observing him earlier, he has good personality which can make him fit in easily in a new environment. In fact, earlier when we had him sit down with other preschoolers (about 7 of them), he sat down quietly, observing them, then after a few minutes, we saw him scoot closer to a kid and they started talking. He then was able to interact with the teacher and all other kids there while joining their activity. They played instruments and sang songs that they like. My son even started singing "Row, row, row your boat", then they all sang the song altogether.

While we were observing him, we knew right away that he loved it there. It was even proven right when we told him that we need to leave and he started crying coz he wanted to stay there. For just about 15 minute stay, he knew that he liked it there. Which why I'm glad coz he's gonna be in an environment where he's gonna have some fun and learn at the same time.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

We are supposed to go down to this aisle

Earlier today, we (me, hubby, and Abi) did our grocery shopping. I had the list with me while hubby's pushing the cart with Abi's help (how can he ever do that without a 3-year-old's Like what we usually do, we start at the far right side of the store, which is the Fresh vegetable and fruits section, then the bread, canned goods, cereals, and then (before) the diaper aisle. I stopped in front of the diaper aisle and smiled. I told hubby, "It feels so weird not going down this aisle anymore..".

It's really weird coz I've been doing that for almost 3 years now and just recently, we don't do it no more coz our (soon-to-be) 3-year-old doesn't need them anymore. But I'm happy coz it only means one thing, he developed and stepped into another stage.

Next week, we'll gonna visit a Daycare center near us. We're planning to enroll Abi in preschool and start schooling on the 28th which would be my first day of full time job. I'm nervous and excited about it at the same time. I'm nervous coz I know it'll be a big adjustment for him and excited coz he's gonna explore and learn a lot of new things. I'm sure it'll be hard at first, probably for the first couple of days, but he's gonna have some fun. He enjoys interacting with other people but he's just not used to be with strangers alone and without me or his Daddy.

It's so nice seeing him developed and learned new things from day to day. And the nicest feeling of being a mother is to be able to provide our child the things that he needed and happiness out of non-material things.

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Busy, busy, busy...weigh, weigh, weigh

Living in Mexico and wants to have weight loss surgery? Click this weight loss surgery Mexico to know where can you make it possible.

Losing weight, losing weight, losing weight. That has been the talk of the town now. People nowadays tend to weigh more than what they wanted because of all the junk foods sold everywhere, like ones in fastfood restaurants, the instant meals, etc. It is because there are lots of things to do nowadays, all the work, entertainment, everything that seems to be keeping everyone so busy all the time, so they'd prefer to eat something that it doesn't take a while to prepare because they don't have time to prepare. And I plead the fifth. I'm one of those people. Though I'm not at the point where I needing surgery. I hope I'd not come to that point.

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Malignant Mesothelioma Treatment

Everytime I hear new kind of disease, I always wonder how come those diseases didn't exist before. That's what I thought when I heard Mesothelioma. It is a form of cancer caused by being exposed to asbestos. It usually forms in the membrane that covers the lungs. They said that due to the indestructibility aspect of asbestos, our body's immune system won't be able to break it down easily. So once exposed to asbestos, mesothelioma is more likely be present in your body.

But since this disease was just recently found, a lot of people that were exposed to asbestos are suffering malignant Mesothelioma now. So the experts are doing their best to be able to fight mesothelioma with malignant Mesothelioma treatment.

If you or someone you know was exposed to asbestos, don't wait and have yourself treated before it's too late.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Temptation got me

Earlier I was really craving for pizza. So when my husband said that we'll gonna eat out for lunch after he picked me up from work, I was glad that he let me choose where to go. Of course, I suggested to have eat-all-you-cal pizza at Cici's. It didn't surprise him though. But each time I pig myself out like what I did earlier, I always feel guilty.

I always wanted to lose weight. I think about it but I just don't have enough will to do it for some reason. I wish my husband would criticize me how fat I am now but instead he always say that I will always look sexy to him. Sometimes I think that he's insulting. Of course I know he's not but I want to think that he thinks of me as fat. I know, I'm crazy!

Dieting and exercising are really hard for me coz I'm not used to it. I always eat a lot but I don't gain weight until I became a Mom.

I've heard about colon cleanse which is said to help cleaning out our colon from toxic that includes fats so it will help us to lose weight. I haven't tried it yet but it sounds interesting to me.

I just hope that one of these days, I'd really have the willpower to stick to losing weight and not let the temptations get me again, especially the cravings for junk foods! Ugh!

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Should you get it too?

I was reading the newspaper at work earlier and read about the government working on lowering the health insurance pay. That sounds great but the chances are thin due to the economic recession. But despite of the high insurance rates, I still consider it smart to get an insurance especially with our economy today. You can never predict what will happen and insurance are just a good way to prepare for bad circumstances, money wise. And of course, if we know we are financially covered, it's less stress.

I know how tough it is to afford insurance especially when your pay is just enough for your daily needs, but there are lots of insurance company who offers personalized package where you only pay for what you need. If you wanna know which insurance suits for you, just get an insurance quote at Just be smart on your choice of insurance company by making sure to read the fine lines. Be insured!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Patio chairs for you

Are you looking for patio chairs that are simple but not too common in designs? Then you better visit PatioFurnitureChairs website and you can see a wide selection of patio chairs. Just like the one that I found (picture on left), a Hallo Outdoor Day Bed Chaise. It looks comfortable and spacious, perfect for my needs. And it also has Synthetic Outdoor wicker that has UV and Harsh weather resistance. Now that's what I call an outdoor furniture, don't you think?

This furniture is just one of the many products they have. And if you want to find something like this, just go ahead, hit the link.

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Fall in love with candle sconces

I was doing my online tasks when I saw some beautiful candle sconces. The picture shown on the left is my favorite one among all the sconces at Candlelight Designs. It is the Estate Ornate Candle Sconces. Isn't it pretty?

They have a lot of pretty candle sconces too. Actually, it's kinda hard to decided which one to get coz they're all pretty and affordable as well.

If you want to candle sconces, don't forget to check out Candlelight Designs coz I'm sure you will gonna fall in love with their beautiful collections.

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Grandparent's Day!

Yesterday, September 13 2009, was so-called Grandparent's Day. Honestly it was the first time I heard of it in my 25 years living in this earth, but, oh well.

Just like every Sunday, we visit my parents-in-law and once in a while their other Grandkids, Kevin and Keegan, stay in their house for a night of two if my in-law's will babysit them. So yesterday, it was a perfect Grandparents day for them coz all of their grandkids were there. And the kids had a playdate which doesn't happen that often.

Anyway, I'd like to share some pictures that I took yesterday. Hope y'all like it!

Keegan, Kevin, and my son, Abi, hugging each other

The kids reading stories with Grandpa and Grandma

..and my son, having fun with the mud puddle.

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Taking a break

I'm so jealous with my parents-in-law coz they'll gonna go to Vegas this November to have a vacation. Vegas vacations are cool! I always wanted to be able to go there and see what it's like to be in the gambling capital of the US. But I won't go there to gamble, I'll just watch the shows, explore the place, and of course, have some fun. The thing is, I don't want to bring my son with me if I'll go to Vegas. I don't think that would be fun coz there's nothing there for him. But I still hope that I could go there one of these days.

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What a relief!

I am one proud Mom to have a fully potty-trained 3-year-old. It was such a relief to have our kid potty for so many reasons and the most important one is you know that it's big step for their development. I was so glad that when I started potty training my son, he was more than ready and willing, so it wasn't that hard. Now, he goes to the bathroom, all by himself to do #1 and #2, without any help, except when he runs the water from faucet coz the faucet in his bathroom was clogged and so it's making weird sound when the water comes out from it. But we already have it replaced with Hansgrohe faucet, just earlier. Hopefully, he can do everything on his own now. Now, that's a relief! :-D

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gifts list

I think it's time for me to change the title of this blog now, or maybe not. This blog was named Starts at Two because I made this on the exact 2nd birthday of my son and I made this for him. But my son will be 3 a few days from now which means it'd this blog's 2nd anniversary. Wow, time really flew fast.

Anyway, I'm making a list of gifts that I want to give my son on his birthday. Last year, I gave him a piano and a laptop. I was just done looking online for some and I saw a lot of laptops now. Last year, there wasn't alot to choose from but he liked what I from him anyway.

My boy is growing so fast. He will be 3 soon but it seems that it has just been yesterday when he was still so delicate and small. The way he looked the first I saw him in the labor room while I was fighting my drowsiness from the anesthesia they injected me is still fresh on my mind.

Thinking of him growing makes me sad and happy at the same time coz I know that there are alot in the world for him to see and make him a better person but time will come that he will have a life without me in it. And what makes me sad. I know I shouldn't be thinking about it yet but I really can't help myself.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Potty trained

I'm the proudest Mom now that my son, who will turn 3 next month, is fully potty trained. Yay, finally!

Before I decided to start his potty training, I searched online making sure I know what to do and expect. There are lots of helpful articles online, such as, that explains the whole process of potty training. I've learned that the child's readiness to potty can be different based on their personality and not just with age. I didn't know that until I read the articles. I just thought of start potty training him when I knew that my husband's nephew who is about the same age as my son started potty training already. But I realized that my son wasn't ready yet that time. So I waited and just couple of days ago, I tried and it worked.

I knew that he wasn't ready when I first tried it coz he never wanted to go on his potty until one morning he woke up while his Daddy's peeing. My husband asked him if he wants to go to and said yes, took off his diaper, and went to the toilet, standing and that's it! Well, actually it wasn't really it. That happened couple of months ago. We weren't consistent about taking him to potty coz most of the time he refused to go. And by the way, my son's really independent. He wants to do almost everything on his own and he always have the i-can-do-it-by-myself attitude.

Then, couple of days ago, all of a sudden, I thought of removing his diaper and just let him be naked the whole day. I told him how messy it would be if he would just go, but if he'd tell me that he wants to pee and will successfully pee in the toilet, he'll get a reward. Being true to my word, I gave him all sorts of rewards such as suckers, gummy bears, etc. I believe it helped coz he never made a mess. Since that time, he always tells me that he wants to go. After the he went that day, I put just an underwear on him.

On the second day, while I was cleaning the toilet, he hid from me, then I knew that something's going on. I knew it! He was pooping. So I called him to the toilet right away but it he already went. I still asked him to sit on his potty seat and finish it there. He ended up letting the half of his poop! We were jumping with joy!

Then third day came. He was already good about going to the toilet to pee all by himself. Got him new pairs of underwear. And the afternoon of that day, he told me that he needs to poop. That was it! The big day! He pooped in the toilet. And not just the half but the whole thing. I was even happier after he did it coz he said that he can wipe himself. Finally, we all said BYE TO DIAPERS!

Actually, we still have him wear diapers at night when he goes to bed. He would only pee once which will save us $15 a month. Probably, a week from now, we'll have him totally separated from diapers and we hopefully that we'll be successful with it.

It is such a relief to see your toddler go potty. Relief for not having to wipe poops and dispose stinky diapers, less cost from not buying diaper anymore, and the thought of his development as a growing up kid.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Backing up files

It is such a pain in a butt to restore a computer! I tried it, not once or twice but a lot of times already. When we still have the old laptop, we keep having problem with it and the easiest way to solve it is to restore it. Take note, that was the easiest way but it wasn't easy at all. The hardest part about it is backing up the file which I never did coz since it's an old laptop, we didn't want to spend money on it coz we know that it will soon stop working (which finally did). That's why I was just the one trying to fix it instead of taking it to computer mechanics. I was never able to backup any file which made me lose a lot of files that I needed though not so important. But now that we have a new computer, I know how to find an online storage where I can save my files for backup in case we need to restore this.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pretty Moms

I always admire Moms, especially those who has a lot of kids, who despite of their busy lives and unpaid profession were still able to keep theirselves looking so pretty. That is because they know how to take care of themselves. And I wanna be that kind of Mom too.

I know I am a little vain, in come to taking care of my skin. Before, when I was younger, I just took my skin for granted, so I ended up with few scars on my legs. Now I am doing my best to take care of it. The scars on the legs can easily be covered with clothes though but not the ones on your face. Acne is our face's number enemy and I am doing good about not getting them on a regular basis. Good thing, it is so easy to find acne treatment. But for me, prevention is always better than cure. That applies to everything, including taking care of the skin.

If you are a Mom and likes to staying pretty, please share your secret. I'm sure all the other Moms who reads my blog would love to hear it from another Mom like you.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Summer's ending already!

Time is really flying so fast. We are in the month of August now and before we know it, it'd be holiday season again, then year 2010! How's that?

That means summer is about to end again. In fact, at JCPenney, where I'm working at, winter clothes such as sweaters and thick jackets are already out. But I'm not ready to end the summer yet coz we still have alot of things planned to do that can only be done during summer. For this month alone, we'll go to the Circus. This would be the very first circus in real I'll ever see in my entire life. Schlitterbahn has taken a spot on our schedule too. Then, one of my friends invited me to a Florida vacations. I was never out of State yet so it'd be interesting. I just hope that everything fits on my schedule coz of course, I got a job and I can't just request off anytime I wanted too coz everyone has their own summer vacation plans *sigh*. So, I guess, I'd just better do the other things I can't do this year's summer on next summer, right?

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Oooh! Scary..

When I was in high school, I remember myself having public speaking fear. Each time I'm asked to recite in front of the class, my knees will go weak and it seems that I'm losing my voice. I get so tense!

That has always been the case until I gained confidence with myself when I realized that I can do it anyway. How did I do it? I tried to figure out how people were so good at public speaking. It took me awhile to do so but I did.

And speaking of which, now there's an easy way to lose the fear of public speaking. Have you heard about Bravina - the speech pill? Well, if you have public speaking anxiety and wants to overcome it, you may be interested to know Bravina. Check out their website at now!

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Guys should know

Is your guy bad at getting you a gift [ie not giving you the right gift most of the time]? Don't worry coz he is not alone. Most guys are. I remember reading an article from a magazine before and it said that 1 out of 10 men sucked at getting the giving the right gift to their woman [us!] when in fact, we are satisfied with just a rose [or a dozen], chocolates, and of course, jewelries! But if your guy can't afford to buy those, spending their time with us should be more than enough.

As for me, necklace always makes a wonder. I love necklaces for some reason. So each time my husband thinks of something to give me, necklace is always a #1 option.

Anyway, I browsing online and saw's page that contains Tips for Guys. There are articles that talks about the best way to please your woman with just a simple gift. I like the article with the title "When I'm Sorry Is Not Enough" coz it the specific gifts that you should get your girl when you messed up big time with her and no matter how sorry you are, forgiveness is just not in your girl's vocabulary. So gifts are lifesaver for your relationship, that's why guys should know what to get.

I'm glad I'm able to share this with you coz I know how frustrating it is when you don't get what you wanted right and come on, everyone should know that it's the rule of the thumb that guys should always please their girls, right?

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer plans

Since I already mention about summer, let me tell y'all some of the things that we're planning to do for the whole summertime. But they're just plans, not sure if they'll gonna happen yet but we're hoping it will.

First, us [hubby and me] together with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law will go to Schlitterbahn waterpark by end of August, as part of their/our yearly summer activity. We had it originally plan for early summer but some things happened that changed it so it was moved. We did it last year by September and we had a blast. This time, we'll gonna go to the different part of the park since it is a pretty big one.

Late spring of this year, we already did our camping we're planning to do rv camping one of these days coz our son really enjoy it. Of course, for all we know, he only wanted smores [lol].

Those are just of the positive plans we have right now but we wanted to do more. It'll only depend on all of our work schedules. But just like each summer, we always wanted it to be worthwhile.

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Rearranging everything

My sister-in-law who is living with us is about to move out. So, me and hubby was planning on how are we going to rearrange the house now that Abi will gonna have his own room. I'll probably change almost everything inside the house, now that I have the freedom to do so and without worrying where to put everything coz all the things will be here and just all ours.

So I was looking around the house to start the plan and was shocked to see in one of our kitchen cabinets that is full of expired weight losss supplements [expiration date: 2007]. All of those were my sister-in-law's coz she went into a diet program before and for some reason stopped it. So all of her diet products had gone to waste. I talked to hubby about it and he said that he already talked to her about it and she said that she's still gonna use them coz they're still good but not as effective. But we doubt it very seriously. Anyway, those are one of the things that she's gonna take with her [hopefully] and we'd be able to make use of the space with all of other stuff from our wedding as a gift that we hadn't took from the box yet.

For now, I pretty much know where to put almost everything. I will probably do all the planning but of course, it'd still be both of our [me and hubby] decision about where everything should go. I'm so excited!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Working Mom

I have changed my status now. Instead of being a work-at-home Mom, I am now a working Mom. I finally got my employment authorization card [my Greencard as well] and got a job. My first day was a breakthrough for my 2-year-old coz it was the first that I was away from him and a different person taking care of him, my brother-in-law, Kevin. He got away from me couple of times but it was either, my husband, my parents-in-law, or my sister-in-law watch him. But never cried or whined for me while he was at Kevin's house. Of course, he had so much fun their too coz his cousins, Kevin's sons were there. In fact, each time I go to work, he would think that he's gonna be at Kevin's house.

By the way, if you are looking for a trusted Automated External Defibrillator [for public and private use], such as Philips AED. Get it online at

So after work, back to blogging again. Now that I am more exposed here, I guess I'll have more interesting things to share to you, so you better watch out! *wink*

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Will-Be New Home

We are searching for a new, bigger home right now. Our home right now is just enough but really don't like our neighborhood. We wanted a nicer community and all. So we looked to see if we can find somewhere we really like.

We love our manufactured home, so we are looking for another same type of house, only bigger. We have a singlewide and we wanted a doublewide. So I looked online and found very nice houses at Actually, I think I already found the one that I wanted, and for sure, hubby would approve too. Below is the floor plan.

I really like it coz it has a foyer, big living room, fireplace, hidden kitchen/dining, 3 bedrooms, and lots of features included.

If you wanna see more manufactured or mobile homes, just visit your website that there's a lot to choose from.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hate pimples!

Personally, I consider myself a little vain. I always freak out with zits. So I always have my acne creams with me. Without acne means confidence for me. Most effective acne creams are a little bit expensive but you can find affordable ones that works as great.

I have a friend who used to have a lot of pimples on her face but was able to get rid of her pimples after she used Acnetix. An all-natural acne cream that contains tea tree oil, white willow extract, and green tea which are the most common ingredients for skin remedies. Since I've heard about the product, I searched it online and found that provides information and reviews about acne treatment products. I found out there that Acnetix is one of those affordable acne creams that may work just like the expensive ones.

So if you have acne problems, don't let it to be your problem forever. Use a product that would eliminate it.

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Expect the unexpected

It is really sad to hear about someone being in a really bad accident that takes their ability to move normally, thus, being disabled. It is more sad when that person is the breadwinner in the family. I can't imagine how that family would ever live but somehow in someway they should survive and live through their lives.

That is why it is very important that every people has health and all other related insurance so that when unexpected things happen such as accident, the financial matter would be covered (at least, part of it, sometimes). Also, social security disability insurance would be a great help.

So it is good to get your insurance from a trusted company and it is very helpful to get a trusted agency to help you process in getting your Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, just like Allsup. I actually just stumbled upon their website and impressed to see that they have 98% success rate for processing SSDI with them. When you choose a company or agency, make sure that most of their are satisfied with their service and that's how you know that they are good and to be trusted.

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Barney's I Love You

I just realized that my son has favorite song now. And it goes like this,
I love you You love me
We're a happy family
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
Won't you say you love me too

Does it sound familiar? Yes, of course coz it's the I Love You song by the infamous purple dinosaur, Barney. Who kids doesn't like that song, right? My son is not a Barney fan but he adores him and he loves this song so much. He likes me singing it to him while we're rolling on the bed. I so love the way he exclaims "Let's do that again!" each time I finish the song. I always love times like that!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Laptop works again

I am so glad that finally our laptop is working again. This thing hadn't been working for a few months coz it's overheating. But luckily I found a helpful site that gave me the solution to our laptop problem.

Basically, all I did is clean the fan of the laptop to make sure that it is working properly. Though there's not that much dust in it. But I guess what really solved the problem is when I adjusted the processor speed under the power save mode of the power saver properties. It was originally set to maximum and I now have it to middle. I am pretty sure that did the trick.

We will get a new computer soon though coz this laptop has been really really old already and I guess it's time for it to take a break. This was actually from my hubby's dad and he had it for quite sometime now too. But I wanted to get desktop coz it won't have the overheating problem like what we had with our laptop. Plus I firmly believe that desktops have more power than any laptops.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

"Hear Ye, Hear Ye!". It seems that this is how we always like to say whenever we have a very important announcement to make, right? Most especially when we want to tell everybody about the blessings such as having a new baby.

Now, look at the photo of the card on the left. Isn't it pretty? That is commonly use for birth announcements. No, it's not from us coz I'm not having a new baby yet, but I was looking around and trying to plan ahead. But just in case you happen to be expecting a new baby soon, you may want to check out coz they have a variety of baby cards that you can choose from and with a very affordable price.

I just can't help myself admire the card I saw there especially the one that I picked to be displayed here.

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Potty train to save

My son would be almost 3 but he is not yet fully potty trained. He is doing so well in peeing in the toilet all by himself now but not with his pooping. For some reason, he still won't be able to tell if he is about to poop. We already tried our best to have him tell us when is about to go so that he can sit on his potty seat like a big boy. We also set a motivation for him such as his potty seat's color/design which he chose himself and the thought of him being a big boy. I also explained to him the food process in our body and the reason why we poop, as what I've read in an article online. Maybe, it would just come in time, right?

Anyway, it would be nice to have my son fully potty trained so that he can graduate from disposable diapers and we can save money from it. We usually spends about $30 a month for his nappies which means that if he doesn't use it anymore, we would be saving $360 a year. With the economy nowadays, that's considered a big savings. But I know, saving money is one thing and it's not the most important. The most important is his development as a child.

I can't wait to see him poop all by himself in the comfort room just like how he pees all alone.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

SoOoOo Sweet!

I am so proud of my son! Not being bias here, but he is the sweetest kid I've ever known in my entire life. Though sometimes a nuisance but he is still adorable, really adorable that I can't help myself admire him so much. I can't believe having a perfect angel in my life. Of course, I always know that he is a sweet boy but something triggered me to post it in here.

I slept in the wrong side of the bed the other night and woke up yesterday morning in a different world. My husband said something that made me break down. So my son came running to me, saying, "What's wrong Mommy?". He was staring at me while my tears are falling and innocently said, "Are you crying Mommy?". I tried to hide my tears coz I never wanted him to see me weak but it's hard coz he was trying hard to look at my face while asking me if everything's okay. Though it was already obvious that I was crying, I still answered him, "No, nothing's wrong. Mommy's not crying.". Then he said, "Are you whining?". That made me chuckle coz I wasn't whining but I was sobbing.

Yesterday was my husband's off and he needs to get out to do something important. Usually I'd go with him but I told him that time that I'd rather stay. So he decided to take Abi with him. It was yesterday, when one of the few times that he got separated from me physically. Before he left me, my son went to me and ask me if I wanna go. When I said no, he was begging me to go with them but I already made up my mind to stay while I put myself back for that day. It was just really a one hell of a morning.

About couple of hours after they left, Andy, my husband called me coz somebody wanted to talk to me. It was Abi. Andy told me that he was asking where I am and said that he missed me. Abi didn't talk that much though. After being gone for almost 4 hours, they finally went home to pick me up coz we need to do our grocery shopping. They just waited for me at the car while I was getting ready. Then the first thing Abi said once he saw me was, "Did you miss US Mommy? Did you miss Daddy and Abi while we're going out? Because you're crying and whining". I said, "Yes, of course, I missed you both and I am not crying anymore". And that same question of his was asked to me about 20 times that day. He just wanted to make sure that I really did miss them.

That was yesterday. Now let me tell you what happened today, I mean tonight.

I like this show, "She's Got The Look", that is aired every Thursday, at 9:00PM. Yesterday, I missed the show coz we went swimming at night and I was confident that it will be replayed at 11:00PM just like last week. But when 11:00 came, no She's Got The Look. Of course, I was so disappointed. But thankfully, it had another replay earlier so I was glad I was able to watch it. But when I switch the channel from Noggin (my son's favorite channel) with my son's favorite "Jack's Big Music Show" show on, he got so upset. So I explained to him that I only have one show every week. I often watch TV. I only watch my favorite shows and that's it. He stopped crying and totally understand what I told him. Then after my show, I switched it back to his show, then he came to me with a worried look while saying, "I'm sorry Mommy". I asked, "What are you sorry for?". He said, "Your show". Then I said with a smile in my heart, "No, you don't need to be sorry coz you were so good for letting me watch my show". Then he smiled.

Awwww! My 2-year-old is acting older than 2 now. He is starting to show care, love, and sympathy for other people which is a very good thing. I can't wait to see him grow as a good person, like his Dad, but at the same time, I don't want him to grow yet, I wanted him to be always my baby coz I know that time will come, he wouldn't let me call him a baby anymore. Ugh! The painful thought of him leaving us and starting to stand on his own feet. I know, all I need to do is enjoy the moment while I can still take care of him and play with him and teach him the goodness of life while he grows. Oh! My son is the greatest blessing I ever had in my entire life.

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