Saturday, September 27, 2008

TV Shows Appropriate For Your Kids

My son is two years old now and he is in the stage of entertaining himself by just watching shows on TV. Good thing that there are channels dedicated on showing things just for kids. With our DirecTV cable connection we have, I think, 5-7 channels that are appropriate for my son's age just for kids, at any age. Everyday, our TV is always tuned in to Nick Jr.1&2 and Noggin channels because those are the channels that has shows appropriate for my son's age. I would change channels once in a while if I really wanted to see a certain show but we are making sure that it is something that my son can watch. My husband likes watching wrestling but we can't watch it with my son, so he will watch it alone on our other TV or when our son is sleeping, that way he can't see all those violent stunts shown on wrestling.

My son's favorite shows are Wonder Pets, Dora the Explorer, Yo Gabba Gabba, Ni-Hao Kailan, and The Backyardigans. Those are shows that would help our kids learn manners, responsibilities, socialization, and other languages such as basic Spanish and Chinese. Through that shows, I can see that my son had improved a lot, especially with his speech.

As a parent, we need to make sure that our kid is not watching any show that are not appropriate for them. Like me, I have a 2-year old so I don't want him to watch action movies where it involves violent scenes, or a show where they're using foul languages. We need to guide our children for them to learn and become a better person when they grow up because it is our responsibility to mold them. So, make sure that you know what your kid(s) is watching on TV.

Friday, September 26, 2008

What's About Airplane?

As I have mentioned on my previous post, Know My Son, that my son, Dion, loves Airplane so much. Not just the toy but real airplanes as well.

When we came here in Texas all the way from the Philippines, we've been in the airplane for 12-13 hours and never we had problems with him aside from when the plane's steward ask us to put on Dion's seatbelt which he didn't like at all. He cried until he fell asleep. But the rest of our flight with him is so much fun. He was very excited seeing all those real big airplanes and being inside the airplane.

Two days ago was his birthday and he got a few gifts. I guess it was a mistake that we let him open his Grandparents' gift first. It has 4 mini airplanes there which made him take all the other gifts for granted. Since that day, he is always attached to those airplanes. During at night, he normally would wake up in the middle of the night and ask for milk, but this past two nights after his birthday, he would ask for airplane instead of milk.

There was one day when we went to church and he brought his old airplane and a milk on his other hand. The deacon in the church ask for his airplane but he gave him his milk instead of the airplane. I guess he would rather starve than giving away his airplane. Not a good idea though.

Every day when we go out to throw his shitty diaper in the outside trash can, he would look up in the sky and shout airplane. He thinks that airplane would pass by anytime.

Airplane, airplane, and MILK, that is what my son's life is all about for him right now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Know my son

I would like to introduce to you my one and only son.

His real name is Dion Bernard but we call him Abi, you may read the reason behind his nickname here.

He was born on September 24, 2006 at 8:13am in Northern Mindanao Medical Center located at Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

He has a dark brown hair and eyes, a light brown complexion, and weighed 6.16 lbs when I gave birth to him. But he is 27 lbs now that he is 2 years old.

I can say that he is a very active kid, just like the normal kids moves and interact. He loves mac and cheese so much, as well as jone's supreme, biscuits, gold fish creackers, pudding, and of course, just like the other kids, he also loves ice cream, cake, and candies.

For now, his favorite toy is airplane. He is so much crazy about it, he can't go anywhere without an airplane or more in his hands. He likes helicopter too and anything that has wheels on it or just the wheels itself.

He is a strong kid. He won't cry easily. He won't cry if he would fall or slipped or hit himself unless it really hurts. Usually I am more hurt seeing him in situations like I mentioned but actually he is not. He would try not to cry if someone's mad at him and scolding him, it could be me or his dad. But he would cry so much if I am away from him and he would realize it otherwise he is fine.

he is a very observant kid. We always make sure that if we are doing something that we don't want him to do, we would not let him see us doing it or else you will see him doing it the next time you see him.


I am very happy and blessed to have a son like Abi, He is everything I ever wanted for a son. He is sweet, smart, healthy, and everything else. But whetever he could have been, I would still love him the same.

He keeps giving me reason to live my life and love it because he is part of it. His face makes me realize how wonderful my life is and his smile gives me reason to smile. His hug makes me strong and his kiss makes me feel loved much more than any love that I can imagine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Abi's Birthday Celebration

We just got done with our little birthday celebration for our son's 2nd birthday. It was so simple but I am pretty sure that Abi had so much fun.

We didn't have a big celebration because we can't afford for it right now and Abi is still 2 so he won't appreciate such thing yet but we made sure that it is something that would my son's day.

My husband's mom, brother and his own family, and his sister who lives with us was our only visitors. We had Abi's favorite food: Jone's Supreme, Mac and Cheese, Beans, Cake, and Ice Cream. Though we let him to be picky this time coz it was his birthday.

Abi got a couple new toys as gift. We got him a little grand piano coz I observed that he loves playing his Dad's piano. His grandma and grandpa got him a big squishy ball and 4 mini airplanes. Yvonne, my sis-in-law, got him Thomas the train with flashlight and a metal slinky. And Kevin, my brother-in-law, got him couple of shirts.

I don't have pictures to post for right now because it is hard for me to upload the pictures on my sis-in-law's computer and our computer is not working properly at this time. I will publish the pictures and will write a post about it as soon as possible.

Blog Template

A few days ago, I have been really thinking of making a blog only for my son. But I wanted to start it on the exact day of his birthday which is today, September 24th. Before I started making a post, I searched for a template that I like and match my blog's theme. When I searched through Google, I clicked on the 2nd link that came up in search results and that is where I found this nice and clean template.

I just wanna say thanks to Btemplates for providing FREE gorgeous templates just like this. I really love this template because of everything it has. First, the Blog Search that can be found on the upper right-hand corner of this page. Then the way the sidebar is. This is very clean and I can easily organize my widgets.

Credits for the creator of this template can be found on bottom part of this page. Thanks again guys! Great job! *wink*

My Baby's Name

This is actually a tag that I posted on my Beauty of Life blog. But this topic is related to this blog so I reposted it here.

My Baby's Name: My son's name is Dion Bernard. We got those names from my parents name. Dion is from my mother's name which is CereDIONa while Bernard is from my father's name BERNARDo.

I named my son after them because I owe them a lot from the day that I was pregnant with him until now. I know I betrayed them as my parents when I got pregnant by a boyfriend who just left me out of the blue. I know I hurt them so much but they still took care of me. Accepted me as their daughter and forgave me without any doubts for what I did. If without them I would've been dead by now because what happened to me was never easy. But they loved me just how they always do when my mom herself carried me in her bossom. They are so precious me just as how they treat my son preciously.

But we gave my son a nickname, Abi. Abi is a bisaya (language in Visayas and most part of Mindanao) word meaning "I/we thought or a term for guess". When I was pregnant of him, I always love to wear pink. Anything pink: my clothes, shoes, even my underwear, hairtie. just anything but pink so I thought that I have a girl baby. But when I had my first ultrasound when I was 7 months pregnant, we found out that it was a boy. We were not disappointed though but we just named him "Abi" because we only thought that he's a girl. hehe.

A blog dedicated to my son

Today is my son's 2nd birthday and so I decided to a create a blog all about him. This would be all about my life as a mother to Dion Bernard aka Abi.

I titled it Starts at 2 because I am starting this blog today which would be exactly his 2nd birthday.

I have seen lots of Mom blogs all around the blogosphere and I admire how they run their blog with passion and writing all bout their motherhood. I am a mother too and I love to tell the world how happy and blessed I am to have my son in my life.

This would be my son's blog and for all the other Moms and babies out there.
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