Friday, August 28, 2009

Potty trained

I'm the proudest Mom now that my son, who will turn 3 next month, is fully potty trained. Yay, finally!

Before I decided to start his potty training, I searched online making sure I know what to do and expect. There are lots of helpful articles online, such as, that explains the whole process of potty training. I've learned that the child's readiness to potty can be different based on their personality and not just with age. I didn't know that until I read the articles. I just thought of start potty training him when I knew that my husband's nephew who is about the same age as my son started potty training already. But I realized that my son wasn't ready yet that time. So I waited and just couple of days ago, I tried and it worked.

I knew that he wasn't ready when I first tried it coz he never wanted to go on his potty until one morning he woke up while his Daddy's peeing. My husband asked him if he wants to go to and said yes, took off his diaper, and went to the toilet, standing and that's it! Well, actually it wasn't really it. That happened couple of months ago. We weren't consistent about taking him to potty coz most of the time he refused to go. And by the way, my son's really independent. He wants to do almost everything on his own and he always have the i-can-do-it-by-myself attitude.

Then, couple of days ago, all of a sudden, I thought of removing his diaper and just let him be naked the whole day. I told him how messy it would be if he would just go, but if he'd tell me that he wants to pee and will successfully pee in the toilet, he'll get a reward. Being true to my word, I gave him all sorts of rewards such as suckers, gummy bears, etc. I believe it helped coz he never made a mess. Since that time, he always tells me that he wants to go. After the he went that day, I put just an underwear on him.

On the second day, while I was cleaning the toilet, he hid from me, then I knew that something's going on. I knew it! He was pooping. So I called him to the toilet right away but it he already went. I still asked him to sit on his potty seat and finish it there. He ended up letting the half of his poop! We were jumping with joy!

Then third day came. He was already good about going to the toilet to pee all by himself. Got him new pairs of underwear. And the afternoon of that day, he told me that he needs to poop. That was it! The big day! He pooped in the toilet. And not just the half but the whole thing. I was even happier after he did it coz he said that he can wipe himself. Finally, we all said BYE TO DIAPERS!

Actually, we still have him wear diapers at night when he goes to bed. He would only pee once which will save us $15 a month. Probably, a week from now, we'll have him totally separated from diapers and we hopefully that we'll be successful with it.

It is such a relief to see your toddler go potty. Relief for not having to wipe poops and dispose stinky diapers, less cost from not buying diaper anymore, and the thought of his development as a growing up kid.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Backing up files

It is such a pain in a butt to restore a computer! I tried it, not once or twice but a lot of times already. When we still have the old laptop, we keep having problem with it and the easiest way to solve it is to restore it. Take note, that was the easiest way but it wasn't easy at all. The hardest part about it is backing up the file which I never did coz since it's an old laptop, we didn't want to spend money on it coz we know that it will soon stop working (which finally did). That's why I was just the one trying to fix it instead of taking it to computer mechanics. I was never able to backup any file which made me lose a lot of files that I needed though not so important. But now that we have a new computer, I know how to find an online storage where I can save my files for backup in case we need to restore this.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pretty Moms

I always admire Moms, especially those who has a lot of kids, who despite of their busy lives and unpaid profession were still able to keep theirselves looking so pretty. That is because they know how to take care of themselves. And I wanna be that kind of Mom too.

I know I am a little vain, in come to taking care of my skin. Before, when I was younger, I just took my skin for granted, so I ended up with few scars on my legs. Now I am doing my best to take care of it. The scars on the legs can easily be covered with clothes though but not the ones on your face. Acne is our face's number enemy and I am doing good about not getting them on a regular basis. Good thing, it is so easy to find acne treatment. But for me, prevention is always better than cure. That applies to everything, including taking care of the skin.

If you are a Mom and likes to staying pretty, please share your secret. I'm sure all the other Moms who reads my blog would love to hear it from another Mom like you.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Summer's ending already!

Time is really flying so fast. We are in the month of August now and before we know it, it'd be holiday season again, then year 2010! How's that?

That means summer is about to end again. In fact, at JCPenney, where I'm working at, winter clothes such as sweaters and thick jackets are already out. But I'm not ready to end the summer yet coz we still have alot of things planned to do that can only be done during summer. For this month alone, we'll go to the Circus. This would be the very first circus in real I'll ever see in my entire life. Schlitterbahn has taken a spot on our schedule too. Then, one of my friends invited me to a Florida vacations. I was never out of State yet so it'd be interesting. I just hope that everything fits on my schedule coz of course, I got a job and I can't just request off anytime I wanted too coz everyone has their own summer vacation plans *sigh*. So, I guess, I'd just better do the other things I can't do this year's summer on next summer, right?

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Oooh! Scary..

When I was in high school, I remember myself having public speaking fear. Each time I'm asked to recite in front of the class, my knees will go weak and it seems that I'm losing my voice. I get so tense!

That has always been the case until I gained confidence with myself when I realized that I can do it anyway. How did I do it? I tried to figure out how people were so good at public speaking. It took me awhile to do so but I did.

And speaking of which, now there's an easy way to lose the fear of public speaking. Have you heard about Bravina - the speech pill? Well, if you have public speaking anxiety and wants to overcome it, you may be interested to know Bravina. Check out their website at now!

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Guys should know

Is your guy bad at getting you a gift [ie not giving you the right gift most of the time]? Don't worry coz he is not alone. Most guys are. I remember reading an article from a magazine before and it said that 1 out of 10 men sucked at getting the giving the right gift to their woman [us!] when in fact, we are satisfied with just a rose [or a dozen], chocolates, and of course, jewelries! But if your guy can't afford to buy those, spending their time with us should be more than enough.

As for me, necklace always makes a wonder. I love necklaces for some reason. So each time my husband thinks of something to give me, necklace is always a #1 option.

Anyway, I browsing online and saw's page that contains Tips for Guys. There are articles that talks about the best way to please your woman with just a simple gift. I like the article with the title "When I'm Sorry Is Not Enough" coz it the specific gifts that you should get your girl when you messed up big time with her and no matter how sorry you are, forgiveness is just not in your girl's vocabulary. So gifts are lifesaver for your relationship, that's why guys should know what to get.

I'm glad I'm able to share this with you coz I know how frustrating it is when you don't get what you wanted right and come on, everyone should know that it's the rule of the thumb that guys should always please their girls, right?

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