Monday, June 29, 2009

Laptop works again

I am so glad that finally our laptop is working again. This thing hadn't been working for a few months coz it's overheating. But luckily I found a helpful site that gave me the solution to our laptop problem.

Basically, all I did is clean the fan of the laptop to make sure that it is working properly. Though there's not that much dust in it. But I guess what really solved the problem is when I adjusted the processor speed under the power save mode of the power saver properties. It was originally set to maximum and I now have it to middle. I am pretty sure that did the trick.

We will get a new computer soon though coz this laptop has been really really old already and I guess it's time for it to take a break. This was actually from my hubby's dad and he had it for quite sometime now too. But I wanted to get desktop coz it won't have the overheating problem like what we had with our laptop. Plus I firmly believe that desktops have more power than any laptops.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

"Hear Ye, Hear Ye!". It seems that this is how we always like to say whenever we have a very important announcement to make, right? Most especially when we want to tell everybody about the blessings such as having a new baby.

Now, look at the photo of the card on the left. Isn't it pretty? That is commonly use for birth announcements. No, it's not from us coz I'm not having a new baby yet, but I was looking around and trying to plan ahead. But just in case you happen to be expecting a new baby soon, you may want to check out coz they have a variety of baby cards that you can choose from and with a very affordable price.

I just can't help myself admire the card I saw there especially the one that I picked to be displayed here.

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Potty train to save

My son would be almost 3 but he is not yet fully potty trained. He is doing so well in peeing in the toilet all by himself now but not with his pooping. For some reason, he still won't be able to tell if he is about to poop. We already tried our best to have him tell us when is about to go so that he can sit on his potty seat like a big boy. We also set a motivation for him such as his potty seat's color/design which he chose himself and the thought of him being a big boy. I also explained to him the food process in our body and the reason why we poop, as what I've read in an article online. Maybe, it would just come in time, right?

Anyway, it would be nice to have my son fully potty trained so that he can graduate from disposable diapers and we can save money from it. We usually spends about $30 a month for his nappies which means that if he doesn't use it anymore, we would be saving $360 a year. With the economy nowadays, that's considered a big savings. But I know, saving money is one thing and it's not the most important. The most important is his development as a child.

I can't wait to see him poop all by himself in the comfort room just like how he pees all alone.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

SoOoOo Sweet!

I am so proud of my son! Not being bias here, but he is the sweetest kid I've ever known in my entire life. Though sometimes a nuisance but he is still adorable, really adorable that I can't help myself admire him so much. I can't believe having a perfect angel in my life. Of course, I always know that he is a sweet boy but something triggered me to post it in here.

I slept in the wrong side of the bed the other night and woke up yesterday morning in a different world. My husband said something that made me break down. So my son came running to me, saying, "What's wrong Mommy?". He was staring at me while my tears are falling and innocently said, "Are you crying Mommy?". I tried to hide my tears coz I never wanted him to see me weak but it's hard coz he was trying hard to look at my face while asking me if everything's okay. Though it was already obvious that I was crying, I still answered him, "No, nothing's wrong. Mommy's not crying.". Then he said, "Are you whining?". That made me chuckle coz I wasn't whining but I was sobbing.

Yesterday was my husband's off and he needs to get out to do something important. Usually I'd go with him but I told him that time that I'd rather stay. So he decided to take Abi with him. It was yesterday, when one of the few times that he got separated from me physically. Before he left me, my son went to me and ask me if I wanna go. When I said no, he was begging me to go with them but I already made up my mind to stay while I put myself back for that day. It was just really a one hell of a morning.

About couple of hours after they left, Andy, my husband called me coz somebody wanted to talk to me. It was Abi. Andy told me that he was asking where I am and said that he missed me. Abi didn't talk that much though. After being gone for almost 4 hours, they finally went home to pick me up coz we need to do our grocery shopping. They just waited for me at the car while I was getting ready. Then the first thing Abi said once he saw me was, "Did you miss US Mommy? Did you miss Daddy and Abi while we're going out? Because you're crying and whining". I said, "Yes, of course, I missed you both and I am not crying anymore". And that same question of his was asked to me about 20 times that day. He just wanted to make sure that I really did miss them.

That was yesterday. Now let me tell you what happened today, I mean tonight.

I like this show, "She's Got The Look", that is aired every Thursday, at 9:00PM. Yesterday, I missed the show coz we went swimming at night and I was confident that it will be replayed at 11:00PM just like last week. But when 11:00 came, no She's Got The Look. Of course, I was so disappointed. But thankfully, it had another replay earlier so I was glad I was able to watch it. But when I switch the channel from Noggin (my son's favorite channel) with my son's favorite "Jack's Big Music Show" show on, he got so upset. So I explained to him that I only have one show every week. I often watch TV. I only watch my favorite shows and that's it. He stopped crying and totally understand what I told him. Then after my show, I switched it back to his show, then he came to me with a worried look while saying, "I'm sorry Mommy". I asked, "What are you sorry for?". He said, "Your show". Then I said with a smile in my heart, "No, you don't need to be sorry coz you were so good for letting me watch my show". Then he smiled.

Awwww! My 2-year-old is acting older than 2 now. He is starting to show care, love, and sympathy for other people which is a very good thing. I can't wait to see him grow as a good person, like his Dad, but at the same time, I don't want him to grow yet, I wanted him to be always my baby coz I know that time will come, he wouldn't let me call him a baby anymore. Ugh! The painful thought of him leaving us and starting to stand on his own feet. I know, all I need to do is enjoy the moment while I can still take care of him and play with him and teach him the goodness of life while he grows. Oh! My son is the greatest blessing I ever had in my entire life.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Short doctor visit

Finally I had my medical exam for my greencard application done last week. Tomorrow, we'll go back to the doctor to picked up the form and submit it to USCIS.

The exam went well and fast which is to be expected coz I don't have any health problems, so far and hopefully never. The doctor's only comment is about my teeth. I have couple of cavities that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible before it becomes a problem. So he referred me to a Plano Dentist as one of the best one he know. Other than that, I'm good to go.

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The working laptop

I'm so glad that finally, our laptop is working again. It has not been working properly for a few months. I thought I already did my best to fix but I was wrong. One day I was surfing online and just happened to saw a forum that discussed the same problem we have with our laptop--turns off automatically without any warning. It was mentioned that the common cause for such problem is just overheating. So I did the suggestions posted in that forum and it truly worked. Now, it's my turn to share with you on how I fixed our laptop.

First, I opened its cover and check if the fan is full of dust and wasn't performing properly. The fan in our laptop is a little bit dusty but it was still running normally. It's not making any weird noises and such. But I still cleaned it anyhow. I also cleaned the inner part of the laptop to get rid of more dust. Then, I found another suggestion in the forum that if it would've been posted earlier, I should've done it first before I opened up my laptop, but oh well. Anyway, what he said and I did is adjust the processor performance. By default, it is set to maximum, so I set it to middle. After that, our laptop has been working properly again.

Now, I am able to update my blogs regularly and do more online activities coz I don't worry about the laptop shutting down on me in the middle of whatever I'm doing and it was so annoying. So, if you have the same problem as mine with your laptop. You may try doing that things I did and it may work for you too.

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My jobhunt

It has been 3 weeks since and I got my employment authorization card that proves my eligibility to work in the US. I have been searching jobs since I got it and guess what, I still don't have a job up to now. I'm wondering what could have been wrong. What's sad is there are lots of open jobs in our area (Austin, TX) and I applied for every jobs that I think I qualified but up to know, I didn't have a single interview yet. But I'm not giving up any hopes. My husband said it's too early for that.

Most of the jobs that I am looking for is in line with customer service coz that is where I am experienced at. I worked in a call center for two years where we troubleshoot networking devices and provide 100% customer satisfaction, for 2 years. I also worked as cashier in a department store where we are also required to render great customer satisfaction while we operate POS systems.

Those are my only jobs so far though and I have them back in the Philippines. Now I am hunting for my very first job here in the US. I don't think it's easy, but like I said, I am not giving up at all. Just wish me luck!

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Using up lots of memory

Our laptop is starting to slow down its speed again. I always hate it whenever it happens coz it affects everything I'm doing online that requires Java application and such. I already know the reason why it slows down though, it doesn't have enough memory to accommodate my files.

I'm trying to minimize my downloads and files being saved in the computer but it's just so hard when you have a lot of online endeavor and things seem to be easier done in the computer than any other things such as making documents, searching something, etc. That's why I need to have a stock of memory sticks so that I can just save my files in it rather than in the computer. Then I won't need to use up my computer's memory.

So, since my birthday is coming up. I put memory stick as one of my birthday wishlist. Hint, hint, hint!

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I love my skin, how about you?

Most woman are naturally conscious about their looks especially when it's about the skin. I, myself, plead the fifth. That is why most of the beauty products are for women coz each of us has different needs for our skin. We also have different ideas on how to take care of our skin.

Personally, I don't really have major skin problems and I hope I never will have. But eventhough I consider myself blessed in that sense, I still take care of my skin as much as I can to keep it that way. But I know that as we aged, we can never stop the wrinkles from showing. So it is important for us to know what is the best wrinkle cream we needed to lessen those unwanted lines when they would start to show up.

Taking care of our skin is really not that hard as long as you know what your skin needs. For example, if you have a dry skin, you need to use a product that doesn't have ingredients that would make the skin more dry such as salicylic acid. So you need to make sure you know your skin type and just use a product that would satisfy the needs of your skin.

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Did you find it yet?

Has anyone found the best diet pills yet?

If you are going to ask me, I'd say probably some already did coz I've heard a lot of people who used diet pills and it worked for them. So, those diet pills that worked for them were the best diet pills for them. That doesn't mean that it would be the best for you though.

Our body has different needs so not a single diet pill is effective for all of us. That's why there are lots of diet pills created nowadays cos they have different ingredients and ways on how we lose weight with each pills. But I'm pretty there should be one that is best for everyone.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Working at home Mom

When I first got here in the US, I wasn't allowed to work yet because of our immigration status. I was a K1 (non-immigrant) visa holder and needs to adjust status to get a greencard before I can get a job so I tried the work at home jobs. I tried doing some surveys, reading paid emails, paid blogging, etc. I'm not earning that much but at least I'm earning something which is better than nothing. Then all my earnings were just used for my personal needs.

I just got eligible to work in the US and currently looking for a job. For the mean time, I wanted to try another job at home. I'm thinking about the wholesale liquidators jobs where I can buy wholesale stuff and sell them individually online or offline. At, they sell a lot of stuff such as computer accessories, apparels, etc. that you can buy wholesale.

I know few people who is already that kind of business/job and they're successful. The good thing about it is you can just stay at home and earn big cash. It is very ideal for Moms like me cos we can be with our kid(s) while earning some money.

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Excercise buddy

I know I have been talking alot about how desperate I am on losing weight and all. So finally now, I'm doing something about it. Of course, I started with my diet. I'm avoiding too much card such as white bread, rice, and the like. And also, I'm saying NO to soda all the time now which made me so proud of myself.

Another thing, I am starting to do some basic exercise at the house with my exercise buddy, my one and only son. We just started the exercise yesterday, trying to do it everyday. It's so funny to see my son's enthusiasm about it, though I know that what he thought about what I'm doing is just another way of playing. Of course, I just let him think that way so he'll have fun doing it and also get used to it cos exercise is really food for our body. Anyway, doing my exercise, I only do basics ones such as sit-ups, push-ups, squat, jog on place, etc. Then my son would try to imitate every single thing that I'm doing and need to tell him that he's doing really good about it, which he really is.

I just hope that my husband would realize that I needed treadmill though (hint, hint, hint :-D). Anyway, my birthday is coming and I'm starting to make a list of what I want, might as well put that on the list.

Hopefully, I would be able to do this as a habit now cos I need it really bad. And I'm pretty sure, with the help of son by reminding me and supporting me, I don't think it'd be impossible.

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